The Difference Between A Born Again And A Christian


A Born Again Belongs to man made churches.

A Christian belongs to the Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church. (Mt.16:17-19)

A Born Again hates the mother of Jesus Christ, accusing her of being worshiped, had other children, sinful and an idol.

A Christian honors her like how Jesus Christ honored and respected her. (Lk.1:28, 48)

A Born Again sees Mary as a competition against Christ

A Christian sees Mary as his loving mother and a sure guide to Jesus Christ. (John 2:1-12, John 19:26-27)

A Born Again Sunday worship is aimed to be emotionally touching and entertaining.

A Christian Sunday worship is solemn and sacred. It is not entertaining because the center of the Holy Eucharist is Jesus Christ not ourselves. (Matthew 26:26-28)

A Born Again sees no importance in good works.

A Christian puts his faith into practice by living a life filled with good works (Mt. 25:31-45, Rom.2:7, James 2:24)

A Born Again arrogantly boast that they are already saved and they can no longer lose their salvation.

A Christian before God accepts his weakness and failures and by God’s grace hopes to be saved like that of St. Paul. (Titus 1:1-2, Titus 3:7, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18)

A Born Again forgets about their dead

A Christian believes that baptized individual (living or dead) are members of the body of Christ (unless by their own wrong doing severed their unity with Christ). (Heb.12:22, Rev.4:8)

A Born Again Believes that sufferings are punishment for sins

A Christian believes that suffering is a virtue wherein uniting our sufferings with that of Christ makes us a better disciple. (Col.1:24)

A Born Again proclaims himself to be forgiven from all his sins

A Christian confesses his sins to the priest as mandated by Jesus Christ. For it is not the priest per se who forgives us but it is Christ through the priest. (John 20:22-23)

A Born Again believes in the Bible alone and his personal interpretation of Scriptures.

A Christian submits himself to the authority of Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church. (Mt.16:17-19, Mt.18:18)

A Born Again has no assurance of receiving God’s grace

A Christian through the Sacraments is assured of receiving sanctifying grace. (John 19:34)
The list can go on and on it is up to you if you want to be a Born Again with their unbiblical beliefs and traditions. Or become a Catholic a true Christian a follower of Jesus Christ.

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1 Response to The Difference Between A Born Again And A Christian

  1. Superb. And you’re right – the list could go on and on, contrasting the false and easy gospel of Born Again Christians versus the biblical and authentic Gospel of Catholicism.


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