False Notion Of Ecumenism

63898376-b36e-4b13-9424-50b96e780728Ecumenism is not a movement to establish a false sense of fellowship and superficial mutual respect with Protestants based on a principle “Agree to disagree”. It is also not a form of watering down the Catholic faith in order to make it more appealing to non-Catholics. And most importantly it is not a point of negotiation wherein the Catholic Church accepts or tolerates beliefs that are contrary to the Gospel and allow non-Catholics to choose only which teachings of the Catholic Church they should accept and hold in order to develop unity with in the Christian religion. Unfortunately, all these false notion of Ecumenism is what some Catholics hold. By not following the precepts and reason behind the Ecumenical movement as what the Church wants it to be, these liberal and modernist Catholics failed to correct the errors of Protestants and condemned it.

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CFD U.M Chapter CDS

Break Time During CDS

The Catholic Faith Defenders University of Mindanao Chapter is having their Catholic Doctrine Seminar this month scheduled at Oct. 1 and 8. 

Seasoned CFD lecturers from various CFD chapters were invited to share their knowledge and expertise in Catholic doctrines and practices.

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